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Dive into Success: Launching and Growing a Pool Service Business

Hiring Objective:

Clover Consulting & Development was hired to launch and grow Finn’s Pool Services by providing end-to-end business consulting services.

"I used Clover to help me start my pool business and I’m very happy with the results. I called Kevin when I found a pool route I wanted to buy so I’d have someone to help me organize the process of starting a business that would already be busy on day 1. He got to work quickly for me so I’d have the LLC setup in time for the sale. He handled the logo, branding, and website and was great about checking in with me for feedback. What started as a one-time project turned into a longer-term arrangement to continue developing systems to manage my business. He added a ton of value to my startup and I highly recommend working with him."

Sean FOwner


  • Develop a strong brand identity, including the business name, logo, and other brand assets.
  • Implement a system to service the pools and routes efficiently, as well as manage work orders and billing.
  • Set up accounting and bookkeeping systems to bill clients on a monthly basis.
  • Establish good client communication.
  • Setup systems to grow the business.


  • Created the business name, secured domains, and social media accounts. Designed a comprehensive set of brand assets, including logo, business cards, website, door hangers, shirts, and vehicle wraps.
  • Researched, selected, and implemented a pool servicing app to track the pool techs, optimize routes, manage work orders, and handle billing.
  • Set up QuickBooks for bookkeeping and seamlessly integrated it with the pool servicing app.
  • Created email lists and developed regular client contact and marketing strategies.
  • Successfully added and managed new pool accounts acquired organically through referrals and web presence, and through occasional purchases.


  • Revenue growth of approximately 6x over the course of the engagement.
  • Expanded client base 5.5x from the initial route purchase.
  • Improved operational efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing route planning.
  • Enhanced brand recognition, leading to an increase in inquiries from potential clients.
  • Received positive feedback from clients which lead to all google reviews being 5 stars as well as 15% of new accounts coming in from customer referrals.
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