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Revitalizing Ideal Wellness: A Digital Refresh and Expansion

Hiring Objective:

Clover Consulting & Development was hired to enhance Ideal Wellness’s online presence and modernize its brand identity. The project existed over a 3 month period.

"I thought I had my website up and running well until Kevin showed me a few things that needed attention that could drive more business to my site. He was spot on. Once he made those changes and updated my website, my phone started ringing more than it had before. Quite a bit more. Kevin is very professional and knowledgeable. He is prompt to answer any questions I have or to make any adjustments to my website. I highly recommend Kevin and his consulting services."

Joy N.Owner


  • Expand the online presence of Ideal Wellness.
  • Enhance Ideal’s brand cohesion.
  • Develop a new, user-friendly website using WordPress.


  • Assisted in expanding Ideal Wellness’s online presence by optimizing its Google My Business profile, including adding high-quality photos, gathering customer reviews, and improving visibility in search results.
  • Modified the existing logo by removing the brown color, resulting in a cleaner and more modern design. Updated all existing representations of the Ideal
  • Wellness brand with the new logo.
  • Built a new, responsive website using WordPress, with an emphasis on user experience and easy navigation.


  • Improved online visibility, leading to an increase in website traffic and google my business initiated calls.
  • Enhanced brand image, resulting in a more uniform representation and improved brand recognition.
  • Higher customer engagement and satisfaction, with 50% of website visitors spending more time on the new website learning about new technologies offered at the center.
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